Regular License

Personal or Regular License / Commercial or Extended license

The License gives you the right to use a product purchased from the AppCity site for personal use or as part of a commercial project, for yourself or a third party. However, the product cannot be redistributed for free or sold, on its own or in a bundle, where it constitutes the core value of the end product.

License types:

FREE REGULAR LICENSE (Unlimited license)

Each download allows the buyer to use the product for personal use only. You'll need to purchase a commercial license if you're not willing to make the modified version public.

COMMERCIAL LICENSE (Can be included in a product for sale)

Each purchase allows the buyer to use the product, for an unlimited amount of projects, for commercial use, within the same company.

Conditions under the licenses:

  • ✅ Unlimited time
    The license is not limited in time.
  • ✅ Free updates
    Should the creator update the product, you will receive the updated product for free.
  • ✅ Use in an end-product
    The products may be used as part of an end-project offered for sale or for free. The number of projects it may be used in depends on the License type.
  • ❌ No-reselling
    The product cannot be used in a product offered for sale or for free, where the product contributes to the core value of the product being sold.
    The product may not be used for re-selling, sublicensing, sharing purposes and cannot otherwise be redistributed on its own (even for free). It can be included in a commercial product as long as you purchase the extended commercial license.
  • ❌ Site support only
    We will provide assistance to help you find and download a product but we will not provide support to use the product.
  • ❌ No exclusivity
    An AppCity license is not exclusive and other buyers may purchase the same product.

Here is what you can and can't do when purchasing a product in the Appcity site:

You can use the product to build a personal project or for a client, such as a theme or an icon for a website or an app.
You can't use an icon for example in a logo on its own or where it constitutes the core of the logo.
You can't give away the product on your blog or website.
You can ask for assistance should you experience difficulties downloading or opening the file.
You can't ask for extensive support from the product creator or UpLabs for you to use the product or modify it.
You or other buyers can purchase the same product multiple times.
You can't claim the product for exclusive personal or commercial use.

If you are not 100% sure about what is or isn't allowed under the License:

Contact us via email at